Toro Muerto – researching pre-Columbian petroglyphs

The archaeological site of Toro Muerto, one of the largest assemblages of rock art in the world, lies in a small desert valley to the west of the Andean foothills. Much of it is decorated with petroglyphs (rock engravings) created by representatives of several local cultures who, over many centuries (probably from the beginning of our era until Inca times), came to this unique site to take part in ceremonies.

Watch the video describing the research at the site

The video is available with English subtitles

The Toro Muerto Archaeological Research Project is funded by the National Science Centre (OPUS grant, UMO-2016/23/B/HS3/01882) and is carried out under the direction of Janusz Z. Woloszyn of the Faculty of Archaeology at the University of Warsaw and Peruvian archaeologist Liz Gonzales Ruiz of Cuzco.


This text was funded by IDUB and the project entitled “Popularizing the research of the Department of Archaeology of the Americas at the Faculty of Archaeology” from Inicjatywa Doskonałości – Uczelnia Badawcza programme.



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