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Use of the content of Archeowieści blog

  1. The Faculty of Archaeology of the University of Warsaw gives permission for free reprinting of the text of the articles from the blog on condition that we are informed by email about the fact of using the service and that the source and the author of the article are mentioned in the reprint.
    In web portals and services please include the linked address, and in magazines the source of the material.
    The above permission does not apply to photographs and videos to which rights have been reserved – in this case please contact us. 
  2. In the case of social media, we ask that you place only the title and lead of our news item with a link to the content of the article on our website, as is the case on our Facebook profile.
  3. For reprints of blog articles, requests for media patronage, information about ongoing research, conferences, etc., please send them to: