Textile technology in Bronze Age Greece

We are excited to share the first in a series of videos about textiles and textile production in Bronze Age Greece. These videos are made for the educational project ‘Artefacts, Creativity, Technology, and Skills from Prehistory to the Classical Period in Greece. Communities of Learning in the Past and in Higher Education Today’ (ACTS) funded by the 4EU+ Alliance and the Erasmus+ programme.

This project creates a new platform of innovative research-based teaching that integrates teachers and students from four 4EU+ Universities: Heidelberg, Charles, Copenhagen and Warsaw. In this video, Dr hab. Agata Ulanowska from the Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw discusses textile raw materials.

Agata Ulanowska is Aegean and textile archaeologist and her interests focus on textile production and technology, experimental archaeology, and seals and sealing practices in Bronze Age Greece. She was awarded two grants of the National Science Centre of Poland, for the projects: “Textile production in Bronze Age Greece – comparative studies of the Aegean weaving techniques” (2015–2017), and “Textiles and Seals. Relations between textile production and seals and sealing practices in Bronze Age Greece” (2018–2021). She is the chair of the COST Action CA 19131 “EuroWeb. Europe Through Textiles: Network for an integrated and interdisciplinary Humanities”.


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